Quickfingers ‘Wondrous Extending Stackboots’

“Quickfinger!” said Sir David turning to his companion “Will your wondrous extending stackboots carry you clear of the tree tops?”

“These stack boots would easily reach a pretty maidens balcony so I could steal a kiss” winked the Riffmaster Prime cheekily.

Check out Jason Quickfingers ‘Wondrous Extending Stackboots’  (by the Royal Bootmakers Simmons & Stanley – Handmade Footwear to the Royal Court of Planet Metal since the year G#) as well as his new ‘Thormaster Series Two Sonic Cross Bow’ which replaced his enchanted lute which was destroyed at the end of Book 4 (The Robotic Badger of Doom!)

Powerchords of excitement!  Written at Maximum Volume!

All five of my Fairy Tales are available on Amazon Kindle price $1.20 each.

Jason Quickfinger's Wondrous Extending Stackboots and Sonic Crossbow
Jason Quickfinger’s Wondrous Extending Stackboots and Sonic Crossbow

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